Special Exception from Military Service of South Korea


All South Korean men must join the Korean Army for around two years to fulfill their military obligation against North Korea. However, only a few people are granted the special exception not to join the Korean Army, but to fulfill their military duty as a National IT Industrial Agent who is a research engineer in industries or academia. Detailed information can be found at the official website if you would like to check more.


After acquiring a national certificate, ​IT Industrial Engineer in Information Processing​, and being qualifyed by the multiple interviews to assess desgining/programming skills, I was honorably authorized as an National IT Industrial Agent of South Korea, May 2011 - March 2014, by the Military Manpower Administration.

IT Industrial Engineer in Information Processing

IT Industrial Engineer in Information Processing is a national certificate authorized by Ministry of Science and ICT and Human Resources Development Service of South Korea. People who have authorized on this certificate are officially acknowledged to have the ability of planning, analyzing, designing, implementing, testing, running, and maintaining of software engineering project. Qualification testing covers: Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database, Software Engineering, Computer Communications, Digital Circuits. More information can be found here.

Projects Participated