Teaching Assistant of CSE219: Computer Science III


Served as a Teaching Assistant for CSE219: Computer Science III (4-credit) at Stony Brook University during Spring 2017 (From February to May in 2017).

My Obligations

  • Lead a 1-credit programming laboratory course each Mondays
  • Grade eash programming assignments
  • Hold office hours each Wednesdays
  • Help Prof. Ritwik Banerjee proctor midteram and final exam

Topics Covered

  • Programming style and its impact on readability, reliability, maintainability, and portability.
  • Decomposing problems into modular designs with simple, narrow interfaces. Object-oriented design.
  • Selecting appropriate algorithms and data structures. Systematic testing and debugging. Improving program performance.
  • Reusing code, including external libraries designed and built by others.
  • Making effective use of a programming environment, including: Syntax-directed editor, Source code management tools, Build tools, Debugging tools, profiling tools