Teaching Assistant of AMS311: Probability Theory


Served as a Teaching Assistant for AMS311: Probability Theory at Stony Brook University during Fall 2017 (From September to December in 2017).

My Obligations

  • Hold office hours each Fridays 2:00 –4:00pm Harriman 010
  • Grade assignments
  • Provide solutions for assignments
  • Help Prof. Jesse Colton grade final-exam

Topics Covered

  • Probability spaces;
  • Conditional probability and independence;
  • Random variables (discrete and continuous);
  • Probability distributions;
  • Expectation and variance;
  • Joint distributions;
  • Conditional distributions;
  • Covariance and correlation;
  • Moment generating functions;
  • Transformation of variables;
  • Order statistics;
  • Law of large numbers.